Refractory Services

The company provides the following services and can demonstrate a safe, quality, cost effective and dedicated refractory engineering service tailored to suit specific client requirements.

To successfully manage the following activities, the same appropriate input levels of Safety, Quality Control, Planning and Training of the other core activities will be established to support the dedicated team for each contract.

In addition to serving the UK , the refractory organisation will operate in all areas of the globe in the provision of:

  • Maintenance services including lining surveys & inspection specifically designed to match the requirements of the client.
  • Complete overhaul and repair of refractory lined vessels and units within planned and unplanned time scales. Full management and engineering support is also available if required.
  • Off-site fabrication and installation, on-site construction of all refractory designs including refractory dry-outs and welding of all metallic anchorage systems.
  • Workshop space and facilities to refractory line large sections/units at various workshops throughout the UK.
  • Technical personnel including engineers, supervisors (Refractory & Welding), refractory dry-out technicians, planners and technical clerks.
  • Skilled labour covering all Refractory installation disciplines.
  • Material selection & supply, calculation & design offering an independent and therefore an optimum material selection for the specified requirements. The lining design can be confirmed for heat transfer rate, erosion resistance and lining thickness etc. This, together with the client's requirements drawings and bills of materials can be prepared.
  • Material installation & Refractory Dryout - successful installations are based on thorough planning and preparation. This initially can be demonstrated by the preparation of installation procedures followed by demonstration trials. The appointment of experienced, qualified and skilled personnel together with a high standard of equipment is the basis for the high quality of refractory linings and fireproofing achieved by our Refractory Services. We can install all the metallic anchorage systems using our own welders fully coded to ASME IX and can also supply PQR's and WPS's to support the welders' certifications.